Prior Investigation Highlights

Porco Security and Investigative Services provides an anonymous overview on various types of investigations conducted in recent years.

From Criminal Investigations to Fraud to Polygraph ... and more

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Criminal Investigations

PSIS has conducted hundreds of criminal investigations from burglaries to sexual assault to homicides. PSIS can assist you in reviewing criminal investigations that have been conducted by law enforcement agencies for completeness and due diligence. By working with your legal advisor and appropriate enforcement officials, PSIS can find that critical piece of information from a cold case that will make it of interest to law enforcement for reopening.

PSIS has conducted such cases on the local, state and federal level. Each jurisdiction requires different standards before considering the case for prosecution. PSIS will review your case and will not see it as just another statistic.

Areas of criminal investigative review and experience include:

Homicide (murder) Burglary
Voluntary and involuntary manslaughter Armed burglary
Vehicular homicide Weapons violations
Hit and run Armed robbery
Aggravated battery Vandalism
Assault and battery Theft
Sexual assault Narcotics violations
Child sexual abuse and assault  

Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations, or "White Collar Crimes" as they are sometimes called, occur everyday. They are just as complex as other criminal investigations, but the item of interest is usually money or items of property from the employer or other financial target.

An example of this was an investigation PSIS did into the diversion of government property. PSIS had an informer working inside of a commercial business. The informant advised that an individual in another business' contracting office was accepting property under his own name.

PSIS approached the owner of that business and advised him that one of his employees might be funneling property paid for by the company for his own use. The owner allowed PSIS to pursue an investigation. PSIS was able to place the suspect under surveillance the next time he made a purchase.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the suspect was diverting building materials for his own use in order to build a church on his property. The investigation was turned over to local law enforcement for further investigation and subsequent prosecution.

Background Investigations

Background investigations are usually conducted on the behalf of an employer for a perspective employee. Many times the background investigation is completed with the help of the subject of the background.

PSIS has conducted hundreds of background investigations — both with and without the knowledge of the subject. The key to any background are the interviews with people that knew the subject, but who were not put on the subject’s application.

For instance, when a reference of a subject is interviewed, the interviewer should always ask for one to three other names of people who knew the subject, but whom the subject did not place on the application. Those interviews will sometimes yield the best information about the subject. This information is usually always helpful to the employer.

Law Enforcement

PSIS has experience in law enforcement activities in a number of states to include Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina, and Maryland. PSIS is familiar with law enforcement policies, procedures and execution of policing functions.

Over the last 30 years, law enforcement has become more and more complex as it has become placed under increased public scrutiny. Decreases in city, county and state budgets have put an additional pressure on police and sheriff's departments to do more with less.

PSIS can assist in issues of business process management for law enforcement organizations to assist departments to streamline their policies and processes to not only do more with less, but to help protect the department against litigation.


PSIS has years of experience in working counterintelligence both here in the United States and overseas. Engaging in the techniques of counterintelligence allows companies and professionals to identify areas within their organizations or companies that may be targets for corporate infiltration. This may involve various techniques such as initiating a pre-employment background check for a future employee, complete background checks on individuals in vital areas of an organization, or requesting criminal background checks.

Other services available are:

consultation in antiterrorism surveillance and surveillance detection on
travel and awareness briefings setting up collection networks
executive security and threat assessment mystery shopping
electronic sweeps on professional offices undercover operations.
corporate security  


PSIS uses expertise available from over 30 years of working with the best in the world for customizable services. Call us for a free consultation.

Polygraph Examinations

PSIS has conducted hundreds of polygraph exams. Although, currently PSIS is not in the business of conducting polygraph examinations, PSIS can assist in understanding the polygraph technique and how it can assist you in your business.

Polygraph in its current form has been around since the 1930’s. It has been scientifically tested and in the hands of a competent and experienced examiner is very useful in testing the credibility of the examinee.

The polygraph consists of a pre-test, a review of all of the questions to be tested and their answers, the collection of charts, the interpretation of charts, and subsequent explanation of the results of the test and subsequent questioning if necessary to clear up any issues.

PSIS currently assists the Department of Defense in developing policy and procedures for the use of polygraph in the DoD, has provided expert testimony in court, and can act as your second set of eyes.

Investigative Training

PSIS has provided training to security and investigative personnel worldwide.

Types of training have included:

Interview and interrogation techniques Intelligence source operations
Surveillance and surveillance detection Undercover operations
Investigative techniques Narcotic operations
Investigative report writing Business process development
Crime scene processing Polygraph
Protective service operations Policy development
Source network development  


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