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Background Investigations, Litigation Assistance ... and more

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Background Investigations

A background investigation is the methodical approach of examining the detailed history or developing insight into an individual’s known and unknown past. A well conducted background investigation is indispensable into having an overall picture of an individual’s past so that you may have a better picture of how that person will react to life’s events in the future.  

A background investigation may consist of, but not be limited to the following elements:

  • Criminal background investigations
  • Previous marriages and divorces
  • Hidden or past assets such as houses or boats
  • History of workers' compensation
  • Previous employment
  • Criminal and civil police and court records
  • ..... and other records are just the beginning of a background investigation.

A shorter variation to the background investigation is the background check.  The background check is usually cursory, mostly centered to public records, and limited to specific reasons.  

The background investigation is more complex and detailed, no limit to the types of records examined, and may include personal interviews.  

Generally the types of reasons that clients request a background investigation or check include pre-marital or pre-nuptial, personal, business related, litigation and legal support, employment, insurance industry, or law enforcement.  

PSIS Investigators have conducted thousands of background checks and investigations over the last 30 years.  You can be assured that your PSIS background check or investigation will be of the best quality and completeness of any investigation anywhere.  

Criminal Investigations

What is a criminal investigation?  

Some may define it as "the collection of information and evidence for identifying, apprehending, and convicting suspected offenders."

Professor Ralph E. Turner of Michigan State University states "A criminal investigation is the reconstruction of a past event.”

Regardless of whether you are conducting a criminal investigation for the purposes of bringing the perpetrator to justice or whether you want an investigation to be conducted just to know what happened for your own peace of mind, the criminal investigation is composed of many detailed steps which must be expertly executed.  

Expertise of the investigator is what you are looking for.  

PSIS investigators have conducted thousands of investigations over the years.  These cases included the investigation of crimes against persons, such as homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and cases against property such as theft, vandalism, white collar fraud each require specific experience and knowledge.  

PSIS investigators have worked with some of the best criminal investigative organizations in the world and have successfully presented their investigative findings to courtrooms at the local, state and federal level.

Litigation Assistance

PSIS can be a vital part of the defense team, able to interact with the client, review the discovery, identify areas to investigate, and assist in developing a theory of defense. PSIS has a working knowledge of the federal and state criminal justice system.

At the very early stages of a case PSIS can be extremely helpful in:

  • collecting information such as the names, addresses and phone numbers of family members and friends that are willing to assist with bail, employment and housing;
  • obtaining letters of support from various members of the community and making arrangements for family and other supporters to attend court hearings; and,

As the case proceeds, PSIS can be of great assistance by:

  • locating and interviewing witnesses;
  • conducting background investigations on the government witnesses, including criminal history, civil suits, divorce actions and bankruptcies, and interviewing other sources of information about various witnesses including friends, neighbors, ex-spouses, and previous employers;

During trial, our investigators can be of assistance in:

  • reviewing testimony to assist in preparing for cross-examination;
  • identifying conflicting witness statements and areas of impeachment.

Threat Assessments

There are basically two types of threat assessments.  

The first is the vulnerability assessment.  A vulnerability assessment evaluates any weaknesses that can be exploited by a terrorist or criminal. It evaluates the vulnerability of facilities across a broad range of identified threats/hazards and provides a basis for determining physical and operational mitigation measures for their protection. It applies both to new building programming and design and to existing building management and renovation over the service life of a structure.

The useful product of a vulnerability assessment is the assignment of a vulnerability rating of all appropriate aspects of building operations and systems to the defined threats for the particular facility. As with protection priority and threat ratings, vulnerability can be cast as high, medium or low.  The vulnerability assessment is multidisciplined.  A vulnerability assessment team may consist of a security specialist, a building construction specialist, electricians, etc.  

The second type of assessment is the threat assessment.  The threat assessment identifies different threats that may target and individual, event, or facility.  The threat assessment may identify criminals, terrorist, foreign intelligence, corporate intelligence, or insider threats that may target you, your family, your business, or other activities.  Threat mitigation is then recommended.

Regardless of the type of vulnerability assessment you need, rest assured that PSIS will conduct your assessment completely and above government standards.

Specialized Investigations

Specialized investigations is a broad area of unique activities and skills that may be brought to bear on an area that does not easily fit into a background or criminal investigation.  

One example of this is the “Behavioral Assessment.”   

Behavioral Assessment focuses on the verbal and nonverbal cues that people convey when they are not telling the truth. Investigators using this technique also use content analysis of what the interviewee is saying while listening for changes in patterns and structure of speech.  

Along similar lines, a criminal behavioral assessment may be useful where a large number of persons had the opportunity to conduct a theft of property. This style of questioning weeds out the innocent and narrows the pool of possible suspects so that other investigative techniques such as polygraph could be used to find the guilty party. These are specialized investigative techniques used by investigators that are specifically trained to conduct these techniques.

PSIS has access to these techniques and more and can craft them into your investigation if necessary.

Business Intelligence

PSIS helps lawyers and companies find facts. About 90 percent of litigation is fact-finding, yet lawyers are hardly ever trained in how to gather facts about opponents, witnesses, or assets in a systematic way.

PSIS does this methodically with a series of public records searches. And when needed, PSIS taps a worldwide network of other investigators who can be brought in on contract to assist.

PSIS will discreetly work to gather relevant information to help your company stay ahead of competition, assess risks, make important decisions and protect their interests. PSIS specializes in the successful search and analysis of intelligence obtained from a combination of both public and confidential sources, providing you with the information to allow you to make an informed decision.

PSIS derives its intelligence from a variety of sources including police intelligence, security personnel, forensic accountants, private investigators and other intelligence agents. Providing a discreet insight into other companies' affairs could be beneficial to you or your company and may even make the difference between future success and failure.

The following are some areas that PSIS can assist you with; the list is not exhaustive; however, we would invite you to discuss your specific requirements with us at no charge.

  • Financial status and health
  • Products and services development
  • Present aims and critical decisions
  • Competition and market share
  • Detailed supplier information
  • Customers and trading intelligence

Missing Persons

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of websites that assist individuals in finding missing persons.  In many cases, these are good for locating lost or disconnected friends and relatives.  

PSIS focuses on those persons who do not want to be found.  

In most cases, if the missing person is an adult, the local law enforcement agency does not have the personnel or other resources needed to spend on finding the missing adult.  That is where the private investigator comes in. The expense of finding a missing person varies from doing an Internet search followed up with going to the listed residence, to spending time involving other investigators and local authorities in other states and even countries.

PSIS may even be able to show you how to do the search yourself thereby saving the expense. Our initial consultations are free.

Polygraph Consultation

For an excellent and "Brief History of the Polygraph" by John Galianos, click here.

In 2003, a review committee of The National Academy of Sciences concluded that, although there may be alternative techniques to polygraph testing, none can outperform the polygraph, nor do any of these yet show promise of supplanting the polygraph in the near future.

Withstanding more than a century of research, development and widespread use, the polygraph test remains the most effective means of verifying the truth and detecting deception.

The polygraph technique is used for a multiple number of reasons.  

PSIS can assist as a second opinion in reviewing test question construction, chart review, scoring methodology, and over all completeness of your examination.  PSIS is trained and experienced with federal level polygraph techniques and post test interviewing and interrogation.  With thousands of exams and years worth of experience in a wide range of crimes you can expect PSIS to provide you with the best in polygraph consultation.