Porco Security and Investigative Services

Providing confidential research for lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, defense contractors and law enforcement professionals in southern Maryland.

Types of Investigative Services:

Over 30-years of civilian and military criminal investigations and counterintelligence experience ...

Background Investigations

A background investigation is the methodical approach of examining the detailed history or developing insight into an individual’s known and unknown past. A well conducted ... [Read more]

Missing Persons

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of web sites that assist individuals in finding missing persons.  In many cases, these are good for locating lost or disconnected friends and ... [Read more]

Litigation Assistance

PSIS will be a vital part of the defense team, able to interact with the client, review the discovery, identify areas to investigate, and assist in developing a theory of defense. Our investigators have a working ... [Read more]

Polygraph Consulting

The polygraph technique is used for a multiple number of reasons.  PSIS can assist as a second opinion in reviewing test question construction, chart review, scoring methodology, and over all ... [Read more]

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